How To Boot Haier Laptop From USB? (HP Guide)

Over time, Windows inevitably becomes clogged, causing the laptop to run slower and slower. If no cleaning and optimization methods help, then there is only one solution left a complete reinstallation of the windows. And if earlier the system was installed from a special disk, now it is possible to boot Haier laptop from USB and start the laptop from it, and then calmly perform all the necessary actions. In this article, we will look at how to boot HP laptop from USB.

how to boot Haier laptop from USB

how to boot Haier laptop from USB?

It is not always necessary to change any BIOS settings to boot from a USB flash drive. Almost all computers and laptops have a boot menu (Boot menu), thanks to which you can quickly boot not only from a USB flash drive but also from a disk.

In HP laptops, this menu is entered with the F9 button, which must be pressed several times immediately when turned on with an inserted USB flash drive until such a window appears:

  • It displays all available boot devices.
  • To boot from a flash drive, you need to use the arrow keys to select it and press Enter on the keyboard.

setting boot priority for USB flash drive From BIOS

If for some reason you are unable to call the boot menu, then you can boot from a USB flash drive by changing the boot priority in the BIOS.

To Setting the boot priority for the USB flash drive From BIOS follow steps:

  • go into it by pressing the F10 button on the keyboard when you turn on the laptop. The bootable flash drive must be inserted into the laptop.
  • In the window that opens, go to the “system configuration” tab.
  • On it, with the Enter button, select “Boot order”.
  • The boot priority setting menu will open. You need to set “USB Diskette on Key/USB Hard Disk” to the very top. This is done with the F5 / F6 buttons. F5 moves the line to the bottom of the list, and F6 moves it up.

After “USB Diskette on Key / USB Hard Disk” is set to the very top of the boot list, press F10 to save the settings, agree in the dialog box, after which the laptop will reboot and boot from the USB flash drive will start, provided that it is made as bootable.

Why is my laptop not booting from USB?

Why is my laptop not booting from USB

Windows is not installed from a flash drive via BIOS due to the inability to start a personal computer (PC) from a boot disk. This is affected by hardware failures:

  1. Wrong USB connector.
  2. Mechanical damage to external media.
  3. Lack of support for booting a computer from a USB flash drive.

Software issues include:

  1. Incorrectly created boot disk.
  2. The USB controller is disabled in the I/O utility.
  3. Secure Boot Mode is enabled in the BIOS.

Important! In the event of a software failure, you can fix the problem without the help of a specialist. Otherwise, you will have to resort to the services of a wizard or replace non-working equipment.

Incorrectly burned a system image

Often, Windows installation from a USB flash drive does not start due to an incorrectly created boot disk. It is recommended to use the Rufus portable app for this. You will need to log into the operating system and follow these steps:

  1. Insert the media into the port, run the program.
  2. From the first list, select the name of the flash drive.
  3. Press the SELECT button and in the file manager specify the address of the system distribution image.
  4. Press START, wait for the operation to complete.

Important! It is not recommended to change the remaining parameters – the utility automatically determines the PC parameters and sets the correct settings.

Faulty USB port

The system may not detect the external media if the slot where the flash drive is inserted is not working properly. To eliminate this possibility, you need to move the drive to a different USB port.

For a computer, it is recommended to use the connectors on the back of the system unit. When using an extension cord, you need to check its integrity.

Drive failure

The flash drive is subject to mechanical stress, which can cause it to fail. You must check the device. To do this, you need to connect the media to a working PC and open the file manager. If the removable disk is detected, everything is in order.

There is no support for starting a computer from a USB flash drive

On older models of motherboards, there is no support for boot disks, while the flash drive is detected in the working system. This feature cannot be enabled, so you must use an optical drive.


It is not difficult to boot Haier laptop from USB. Follow the steps above describe or if you failed to do this then try to solve the problem first.